The TKH-181 Far Infrared Heater brings another dimension of heat to the United States.

Far Infrared heat is designed to heat people. This is a much deeper penetrating heat than our conventional Val6 heaters. This type of heat is used throughout Asia due to its therapeutic benefits as well as its inherent safety.

‚ÄčThis heater operates at a lower temperature than our standard VAL6 heaters. This heater is not an open flame heater so we are now able to operate in environments previously not available. 

This heater has a 12 gallon fuel tank and burns .50 gallon per hour of diesel fuel/kerosene. The power consumption is only 60 watts of 120 volt electric at ignition and 40 watts while running. It has a thermostat control as well as two different timer controls. The heater is 52" tall, 49" wide and only 14" deep. It can be placed within 1" of a wall behind it and can provide heat for up 1,700 square feet in an insulated, finished space.