The EPX is the culmination of 35 years’ experience building the best heaters in the world. The EPX is our most efficient and quietest heater. It is capable of heating large spaces with minimal diesel fuel usage. 


The KBE5S is the original VAL6 infra-red heater. This base model heater is still a wonderful value for the money and remains popular with the rental industry. 


The MPX heater is 20% larger than the Daystar and provides a much larger fuel tank.

The MPX is designed for 2-3 car garages, tack rooms, wash racks, greenhouses and other smaller spaces.


The Daystar heater is a personal, portable heater designed to keep YOU warm.

Its light weight and compact size make it ideal for service trucks, farriers, veterinarians and warehouse workers.



Our newest and most advanced heater has arrived. By utilizing the same combustion chamber technology that makes the oil-fired units 98.9% efficient.

The gas fired VAL6 heater is the first 100% efficient space heater in the world. 


The KBE5L is the workhorse of the VAL6 line. With most of the Deluxe features of the EPX it remains the most popular heater in the line.